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Susan started her studio in 1987 in the American Bottoms region near St. Louis, Missouri, where local wetland flora and an abundance of creatures provided her with considerable inspiration. The area is also known for having being the haunts of a prehistoric culture of mound and temple builders; that fact led Sue to volunteer at various historic sites including Cahokia Mounds State Park. The experience has led to an appreciation of archaeology and nature that shows in her art.

Susan has since relocated to the Nature Coast of western Florida, and resides in an area where it is not unusual to find sandhill cranes, osprey, herons, warblers, eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, assorted amphibians, and of course the American alligator. In addition to the abundant native wildlife, there are also species native to other regions of the US and even exotics from overseas.

Like the Mississippi River Valley, the Nature Coast is also dotted with mound sites. While known primarily for painting museum murals of ancient Southeastern peoples and their bottomland surroundings, she is also a nature artist who prefers to deal with her subjects and their environment in an intimate and detailed fashion: prehistoric American archaeology and natural history blend very well.

Inside this site you will find samples of all her work, so please enjoy your visit and be sure to return periodically to see additional works of art, special offers, and information on upcoming shows and workshops.

Patience - Wood Frog in Ozark creek, Copyright Susan Walton of S. A. Walton Studio

Susan's art can also be found at American Frame and Art Supply in Fairview Heights, Illinois

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